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Ease your every day
BigQuery journey

BQ Booster is a platform designed to enhance your BigQuery experience. It's built to make your day to day work easier by providing you a better UX to perform specific tasks.

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Query Analyzer

You never know where to start to analyze your queries? The query analyzer tool allows you to quickly browse your queries across projects. Relying on Timeline and Graph views, you'll be able to pinpoint the bottleneck for your queries. Navigate the insights to see highlights some common hotspots.

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Query Fixturer

Preparing isolated data to test your queries can be challenging due to race conditions. A safe approach is to use fixtures within the same query. Query fixturer tool is a convenient way to generate that kind of fixtures from the JSON output of a query.

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A platform to unlock your regular needs

BQ Booster is still in its early stage of development, expect a lot more tools to help your daily tasks in the future! If you have some tool you'd like to see, don't hesitate to reach out.

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Using timeline you can see the evolution of your query. It lets you find out where BigQuery spends most of the time. You'll be able to see how steps are coordinated and overlap each other.

Query Analyzer Timeline


Timeline is often not enough to understand the query plan. Graph goes one step further by showing the explicit relations between steps. Using node color coding, the feature allows identify steps but how which steps condense most of duration, shuffled data or slot time.

Query Analyzer Graph
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